David Raymond Amos

Federal – New Brunswick – Fredericton


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Federal election results David Raymond Amos

Election Statistics - number of votes

Date Party Votes Votes % Elected
2006/01/23 Independent 198 0.42%
2004/06/28 Independent 358 1.07%




Participated in federal elections on 2004/06/28 for riding New Brunswick, Fundy. Political party: Independent.
Participated in federal elections on 2006/01/23 for riding New Brunswick, Fredericton. Political party: Independent.

Occupation homemaker on 2004/06/28.
Occupation retired on 2006/01/23.

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Average Joe

Hello. My name is Average Joe(this is sadly not my real name) and I completely support David Raymond Amos because he is the best political person I have ever seen in all the years I have lived on this planet. He looks just as cool as he is politically and I think he would represent the Fundy Royal section of the voting better than I could ever hope to become. Also, his hair and beard are awesome. At first, I thought he looked like Gandalf, even though I haven't even seen an entire Lord of the Rings movie, but I am getting carried away. I believe this man will represent humankind in a way no one else could ever hope to(and I secretly wonder if he reads the Lord of the Rings books. I haven't, but I want to sometime soon). Anyway, back to D.R.A. Yeah, he's pretty awesome. I looked up his Twitter and it looks pretty rad. He's got a motorcycle for a profile picture and everything! I don't have a Twitter, but this guy compels me to make one. I don't have a motorcycle, but he makes me want to buy one someday. This man is so incredibly inspiring. I have never heard of anyone as amazingly inspiring as he is. I wonder if he's ever gone to Comic Con dressed like Gandalf. Anyway, I have to be somewhere soon. I'm thinking of going time traveling in a few days. Too bad there's no such thing as a TARDIS. I live in the Fundy Royal section of New Brunswick. I want to see this man on "vote for me!" boards. I want to see him on TV. I want to see him getting gas for his Harley at the local gas station. This man is my hero and I want him to represent my country! Sincerely, Your Average Joe

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