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Here is a list of frequently asked questions from visitors.

Why, What, How much, etc.

Why use


Our mission is to help you find the best MP Candidates / Election Ridings.


No, our service is free for visitors.


Our website covers Canada.


No. Each professional has the option of displaying information on their profile page. is using available public data.

Finding a professional


We are hoping that each professional will update their information. We are giving our best to keep data updated, unfortunately, we are limited by the availability of public data.


We are sorry if you don't want to be on but we will remove profile without any hesitation. Please use Contact us page to send us a request to remove the page, without any fee.

Ratings and reviews


All rating should be done in accordance with the Terms of Use. Please be advised that we do not have control over who is posting ratings and comments. They could be professionals themselves, their colleagues, relatives, friends, etc.


By sharing your experience you can help others to find the best MP Candidates / Election Ridings.


After filling the comment form you will receive email to confirm your review. You must check your email and confirm your review.


No. However, if your comment is not in accordance with Terms of Use it will be deleted. Also if the comment is flagged as inappropriate, it might be deleted.


No. Only reviews that do not follow the Terms of Use will be removed.


Writing a useful review is a very important. It gives other people first-hand information about a particular professional. Try to make your review relevant to the people who read it. Here are some things to consider when you are writing your review:
  State your opinion clearly and simply.
  Suggest how the professionals can improve their performance.
  Good reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked the service, but also explain why. Be specific! Give us the details.
  Be objective and truthful.
  Express your own opinion by using phrases such as "I think", "In my opinion" or "I believe".
  Please do not write vulgar and unapropriate comments. Respect Terms of Use so your review won't have to be deleted.


Yes. However, a personal review has more credibility.


Your personal info will only be disclosed upon a legal action when the submitted comment violates Terms of use.



We sure do! We would love to hear about your experience with our service.


Of course! We're always looking to improve our service. All comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

All data on this website is collected from public sources. Our data reflects the most accurate information available at the time of publication.